Inger Lise Hansen: Travelling Fields

2009, DCP, 9 min

Travelling Fields focuses on a phenomenon occurring through a change of perspective and animated camera movements, as a way of redefining a place and its geography. Sections of the landscape are documented by moving the camera one frame at the time, along a track. The film moves between different topographies and locations in the Kola Peninsula, Northern Russia.

Inger Lise Hansen was educated at the University of East London, St. Martin’s College of Art in London and San Francisco Art Institute, and has won several international film awards.

Director: Inger Lise Hansen
Camera: Hilde Malme, Greg Pope
Editing: Inger Lise Hansen
Sound: Sturla Einarson
Producer: Fjordholm filmproduksjon
Contact: Norwegian Film Institute / Toril Simonsen,,
Arna Marie Bersaas,