Jumana Manna: Blessed Blessed Oblivion

Palestine, Norway, 2010, DCP, 23 min

Inspired by Kenneth Anger’s film Scorpio Rising (1963), this film portrays male thug culture in East Jerusalem, manifested in barbershops, autoshops and body building. Both psychologizing and seduced by her subject, the artist finds herself in a double bind, a dilemma that resonates with the muddled desire that animates her protagonist as he drifts from abject rants to declamations of heroic poetry or unashamed self-praise.

Jumana Manna was educated at The National Academy of the Arts in Oslo and CalArts in Los Angeles. Her work explores the construction of human identity in relation to historical narratives and subcultural or athletic communities.

Director: Jumana Manna
Camera: Jumana Manna
Editing: Jumana Manna
Producer: Jumana Manna
Contact: jumana.manna@gmail.com