Kjetil Skøien: A Place for Living With the Other

2009, DCP, 4 min

This film documents the men’s prison in Vilnius, located in a discontinued monastery. Living in overcrowded rooms in bunk beds, the inmates have decorated the walls freely. The camera moves slowly through the spaces. We hear Lithuanian dialogue in the background, but the subtitles are the artist’s own and not translations of the inmates’ conversation – a mix of dreams of the world outside and the rooms in which they are imprisoned.

Kjetil Skøien was educated at The National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, and works with video, photography, performance drawing and theatre. He has exhibited his works widely nationally and internationally.

Director: Kjetil Skøien
Camera: Kjetil Skøien
Editing: Kjetil Skøien
Sound: Kjetil Skøien
Contact: kj-sko@frisurf.no