Marte Aas: Crop Circles

2010, DCP, 5 min

Crop Circles

The super-8 film Crop Circles is a poetic documentation of the phenomenon of crop circles in the area of Wiltshire in England, and a reflection of the demarcation between cultural and natural landscape. The grainy resolution of the camera lends the images an atmospheric character, and problematizes the film’s representation of reality.

Marte Aas was educated at the College of Photography and Film at Gothenburg University and exhibits in Norway and abroad. She has had a number of solo exhibitions, among them at The National Museum in Oslo.

Director: Marte Aas
Camera: Marte Aas
Editor: Marte Aas and Gunnar Knutsen
Music: Espen Sommer Eide
Producer: Marte Aas