Nina Toft | Hilde Honerud: I Love You

2011, DCP, 7 min

I Love You is an orchestrated compilation of video clips of natural disasters culled from news broadcasts. We are drawn directly into the individual experience of catastrophic moments through their own recordings. Focus is put on communicating the experience of being there, rather than on the informational content of the image.

Nina Toft and Hilde Honerud were educated at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo and have collaborated since 2010. Toft and Honerud have exhibited at Fotogalleriet in Oslo and Kurant Visningsrom in Tromsø.

Director: Nina Toft, Hilde Honerud
Editing: Nina Toft, Hilde Honerud
Sound: Nina Toft, Hilde Honerud
Producer: Nina Toft, Hilde Honerud