Siri Hermansen: Chernobyl Mon Amour

2012, DCP, 19 min

This film looks at the expected and unexpected ecological, economical and psychological changes effected by nuclear catastrophe. By documenting the artist’s meeting with two state-employed guides in Chernobyl, the film focuses on adaptation processes and survival strategies in the area today. Paradoxical realities live side by side in the human body and mind, as well as in nature.

Siri Hermansen is currently a research Fellow at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo and has exhibits in Norway and abroad, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo and Today Artmuseum, Beijing.

Director: Siri Hermansen
Camera: Siri Hermansen
Editing: Rune Hov
Music: Eduard Artemyev, M-19, Somei Satoh, A: Mantra
Sound: Richard Johnsen
Producer: Siri Hermansen