Torine Helland

20.02.2012 – 27.02.2012

Torine Helland (b. 1974) was educated at Bergen National Academy of the Arts and the department of Fine Arts. Helland explore different aspects of the artist’s role. With an interest in this connected to a tradition of rituals and mysticism, her starting point is the artist’s everyday work at their studio. Helland’s main medias are installation, photo, drawing and video. She’s had shows in Berlin, New York, Berkeley and in several Norwegian cities.

In the project room of Atelier Nord, Helland made recordings for a new video work based on installation and performance. Raw material for the installation was taken from her studio and consisted mainly of wrapped, stored pictures. The performance that took place at the project room made starting point for a video work that will be available on her homepage as soon as it’s finished.