Groot / Prins: Quadtone Expanded

Quadtone Expanded performance by Mariska de Groot and Gert-Jan Prins

Atelier Nord ANX, 16.04.2013, at 21:00

QUADTONE – Lumisonic Rotera’ is a mesmerizing light-is-sound projection performance in space. Graphical patterned wheels are coding a beam of light, which portable light-sensitive speakers convert into audible frequencies. All leftover light is visual sound. Quadtone consists of 4 lights, 8 tonewheels and 5 light sensitive speakers. Physically rearranging and manipulating the objects in space, the mesmerizing forms of sound and light projected into the surrounding space are in a continuously changing composition.

Looking at the projected patterns made by the light that falls through the three to five wheels you can see what creates the sound. You only hear little fragments of the projection, meaning there is a lot of projection “left” with the potential of being sound. The mind can try to grasp this full potential by drawing its own trajectories of sound and image, fueled by the abundance of “left” projection.
The power of synesthesia.

More information about the artists:
Gert-Jan Prins
Mariska de Groot