Soft Technology_Soft Technology Gallery 3,14

19th August – 25th September 2011

On August 19. 2011 at 7pm the exhibition “Soft Technology: electronic textiles – when the future becomes soft” opened in Bergen at Gallery 3,14. The exhibition is curated by Hillevi Munthe and produced by Atelier Nord in collaboration with Gallery 3,14 and Bergen National Academy of the Arts. The project has received support from Nordic Culture Point, Arts Council Norway, The City of Bergen, The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts, and The Embassy of Austria.

The exhibition comprises of artworks that explore the possibilities, limitations and poetry inherent in textile electronics from an artistic point of view. Based on a well known and tactile materiality, textile electronics take the development of electronics two steps forward and five steps back. E-textile is both interactive, or ”living” and ”smart” textiles, and soft and flexible electronics. With stitched sensors, knitted circuits and woven lights, electronic textiles open ”the black box” of advanced technology that we are surrounded by. At the same time the materiality is an unstable element that forces the development of the artworks back to a more elementary level than that of hard electronics.

The Norwegian and International artists featured in the exhibition use smart materials, e-textile, traditional electronics and textile techniques as a starting point for the development of their art. The nine selected artworks have different approaches to the materials and tell different stories, but they are bound together by the search for giving the unstable, unknown and unpredictable form and visuality.

A collection of prototypes and samples from participants in the Soft Technology project is included. The audience will be able to touch, pull, make sounds and experience materials and technologies used in e-textile artworks/products. Artists contributing to this part of the exhibition are Elin Igland, Syntjuntan and Amanda Steggell.

image | Astrid Krogh IKAT II, light tapestry