Tony Conrad Tribute_C. Spencer Yeh: One Hour for Tony (with Violin and Voice)

Konsert 07.09.16 kl. 19 på Atelier Nord ANX (Olaf Ryes plass 2).

C. Spencer Yeh: One Hour for Tony (with Violin and Voice)
After a performance once, Tony had teased me about how it seemed like I played a million more notes on the violin than him.  I winced inside a bit – I was still shy in the presence of someone now in the flesh, previously a looming shadow in my formative years.  I should’ve pushed harder in our improvisations, our interactions, but you can only play the music that’s in the moment with you.

During a marathon tribute broadcast on the radio following Tony’s passing, I was tuning in and out of what seemed to be one long, continuous composition.  Actually, not a composition, but a life – and one I had the honor and pleasure of living concurrent hours with.  It is with Tony in mind and heart that I present an hour-long duration involving violin, voice, electronics, and a million notes – as if these sounds had been there before I started, and will continue on long after.


Spencer Yeh er kunstner og komponist, bosatt i New York. Han er kjent for en interdisiplinær tilnærming til video og musikk under artistnavnet Burning Star Core. Som improvisatør jobber han stort sett med et vokabular bestående av stemme, fiolin og elektronikk. Spencer arbeidet sammen med Tony Conrad i en årrekke.