Tony Conrad Tribute_Lasse Marhaug & Jon Wesseltoft: Outside of Mount Meru

Konsert 10.09.16 kl. 19 på Atelier Nord ANX (Olaf Ryes plass 2).

Lasse Marhaug & Jon Wesseltoft: Outside of Mount Meru
Norwegian musicians Jon Wesseltoft and Lasse Marhaug have collaborated together for more than ten years in various projects, including projects like Burning Dog, Maranata, Tongues of Mount Meru and now as a duo under their own names. «Outside of Mount Meru» is a reference to their now abandoned studio-only project Tongues of Mount Meru and Tony Conrad’s «Outside the Dream Syndicate», and this piece bears some resemblance to their durational works under that name as well as Tony Conrad’s ideas of minimalism as a way of going deeper into sound.


Lasse Marhaug is a noise musician and composer active since the 1990s. He has arranged and contributed to a long list of concerts, records and publications in Norway and abroad.

Jon Wesseltoft is a noise musician that has participated in numerous international publications and collaborations.