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Dokumentariske strategier

Screening at Atelier Nord ANX,
6. – 14.12.2012 og 10. – 20.01.2013

Opening hours: Thursday to Sunday from 13 – 18.

The program presents film and video works by artists working with documentary strategies. It includes, among other subjects, a poetic treatment of the phenomenon of crop circles in English cornfields, the intervention of a woman artist in a criminal culture of cars and bodybuilding in East Jerusalem, and a compilation of amateur recordings of natural catastrophes from news broadcasts.

Participating artists:
Marte Aas [1]
Jumana Mana [2]
Kjetil Skoien [3]
Inger Lise Hansen [4]
Siri Hermansen [5]
Nina Toft / Hilde Honerud [6]

The program is curated by Susanne Ø. Sæther and Ivar Smedstad.
More information [7] about the program.