Pernille Elida Fjoran, Elisabeth Brun and Christine Malnes: The Site of Memory

Welcome to the exhibition opening at Atelier Nord ANX on Thursday 28.05.15 7 pm.
29.05 – 21.06.15
Open Thursday and Friday 15:00 – 18:00, Saturday and Sunday 13:00 – 18:00.

”We speak so much of memory because there is so little left of it.” – Pierre Nora

Atelier Nord is pleased to present THE SITE OF MEMORY, a collaboration between visual artists Pernille Elida Fjoran, Christine Malnes and journalist Elisabeth Brun.

Memories are continually registered through experience and can be actualized when least expected. Collective, cultural memories play a central role in creating and sustaining shared and individual identity. These memories are often tied to specific markers such as events, places, texts, objects and symbols and hold distinct value for different groups.

In the last few decades the world has changed markedly through increased mobility and globalization. Gentrification and population growth has changed Oslo’s cityscape considerably, as is also the case with many cities elsewhere in Europe. Local, independent businesses disappear, often replaced by retail chains. Urban renewal and building projects does not only change the architecture, but the type of people that inhabit the area.

By telling the stories of individuals that have long and deep bonds to their local communities, THE SITE OF MEMORY explores changes in the relationship between site, individual and collective memory.

The video Åsen Fruit and Tobacco by Pernille Elida Fjoran follows day-to-day life in a newsagent on Sandaker in Oslo and owner Ahmed Saaliti, who works seven days every week. Ahmed has run the newsagent since 1991, but Åsen Fruit and Tobacco has existed since the 1930s. Elisabeth Brun’s installation Requiem for an Apartment Building introduces us to Carina Wangen, owner of one of the last family ran apartment buildings in Oslo. The installation consists of an audio documentary as well as an archive consisting of objects from the building and portraits of inhabitants. The audio documentary is produced in cooperation with NRK Radiodokumentaren. In her work “tur / retur” Christine Malnes takes us on a journey to Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin. Through a travel essay and photographs Malnes reflects on the relationship between architecture and historical memory; the collective memories we would like to keep and those we would rather forget.

Pernille Elida Fjoran, Elisabeth Brun and Christine Malnes: The Site of Memory