Captain Credible: The point of interaction

Atelier Nord ANX, Olaf Ryes pl. 2 (entrance from Sofienberggt.)
Saturday 31, May 2014 at 20:00
Free entrance

The point of interaction
An audiovisual performance involving D.I.Y. electronic instruments.

Daniel Lacey-McDermott is a performing artist who under the pseudonym “Captain Credible” uses a combination of self made and found objects retrofitted with D.I.Y. and hacked electronics to create an arsenal of sound machines with which to perform. This performance is part of an ongoing experiment focusing on the point of interaction between the artist and his tools, and the distribution between these two of the influence over the final result. The instruments that will be used have never before been played live. The performance lasts 20 – 30 minutes and is performed only once, as vital components will likely become destroyed in the process.

Contributing Artists:
Martin Sandvik, drums/percussion
Thomas Bergsten, electric guitar

Cpt.Credible Live: