Kristina Lindström / Åsa Ståhl: Bike Circuit

Bike Circuit – a performance and an installation

Deichman Library, Grünerløkka
15th September, 18.00 hrs

Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl invite you to join us in a bicycle ride in Oslo.

In our bicycle performance seven bike riders will be in close contact with the streets of Oslo and with each other; with human and non-human actors. As we are on the bicycles we are in between places not knowing exactly where we are going, only for how long the ride will go on.

The aim is for the bike riders to not put the foot down during the ride, but to help each other keep a flow as we create a polyphonic narrative through passing on information to each other about fellow actors in the streets be that other bikers, red lights, cars or animals. During the ride we will pass messages on to each other as in the game of Chinese Whispers, allowing all participants to be part of an ongoing negotiation on where to direct ones attention, what to listen to, and where to go.

As we start the performance we will have a set time for the bicycle ride, based on the average time of a bike ride in Oslo to emphasise the daily routine of bicycling.
During the bicycle ride every biker will have an audio recorder. Consequently there will be recordings from every participant’s perspective and position.

For the installation in Deichman Library there will be seven radios, one for each sound recording done by each person who participated in the performance. The radios can be moved around in the installation thereby creating new flows of information and even richer narratives. Maximum seven participants.