Soft Technology_Haptosonics at Atelier Nord ANX

Technological textiles
Can textiles feel? Can touching textiles become music?

Exhibition at Atelier Nord ANX
10th – 27th October 2013
Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday from 12 – 17.

Artists: Zane Berzina, Jackson Tan, Maurin Donneaud, Vincent Roudaut, Anna Biro, Luke Fischbeck, Hillevi Munthe, Elisabeth Schimana, Tincuta Heinzel.

Program at Atelier Nord ANX, 10th October 2013
14.00 Artist Talk with all artists and concert by Elisabeth Schimana (AT)
19.00 Exhibition opening with live perfomances by Luke Fischbeck (US) og XY Interaction. (FR)

These interactive works represent the width in a narrow field: technology, sound and textile. The exhibition contains international artist bringing up to date working with “touch” and tactility which has become great part of everyone’s everyday life with the new touch technology.

The exhibition Haptosonics is a prolonged result of the Soft Technology project which was initated and started by Hillevi Munthe in 2010 and which is still ongoing with outward activity in the form of exhibitions, workshops and work production.