Soft Technology_2010 and 2011

Soft Technology is a research project on electronic textiles. The project focuses on materials and techniques, and aims at collecting resources and building an active network outside and across institutions.

With one leg planted in the DIY-tradition of electronic art, Soft Technology conveys knowledge about and understanding of technology in addition to traditional and modern textile techniques.

Through a series of worklabs, open workshops, seminars and exhibitions, the possibilities and challenges in the intersection between theoretical knowledge, new technology, and artistic practise are explored.

Soft Technology continues in 2012 with research on Shape Memory Materials and textile energy harvesting. The goal is to gather experience and technical knowledge about materials and processes, and in turn make this information accessible for further use and development.

Soft Technology is a project initiated by Hillevi Munthe and produced by Atelier Nord in collaboration with Hilde Hauan Johnsen at Future Textiles at Bergen National Academy of the Arts. The exhibitions in 2011 are held at SOFT gallery in Oslo and Galleri 3,14 in Bergen.

The project is supported by Nordic Culture Point | Arts Council Norway | The City of Bergen | The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts.