VideoArt @ DigitalCinema

Presenting Video Art and Film Art in the Digital Cinema

The project VideoArt @ DigitalCinema has been continued as part of Atelier Nord’s expanded initiative Vis video kunst!

The background for this pilot project is the development of a new infrastructure for digital cinema in Norway, combined with the fact that video art / film art is seldom presented for a wider national audience, but rather shown within a specific art context in the larger cities. The aim of the project is to be at the forefront of the development of the digital cinema network in Norway and to investigate the possibilities for presenting works in a more permanent, decentralized, national viewing format for time based artworks, as well as to convey this type of work to a wider public.

The pilot project entails the assembly of a varied program consisting of video art and film art, in order to present what is currently being produced within this field in Norway. The screenings will be introduced by the curator and there will be an opportunity for questions and discussions after the screening. This initiative aims to engage with different types of media within video and film and to present it all on the same digital platform and with the same technical quality. (DCP – Digital Cinema Platform JPEG2000).

Video art has previously been considered to be of inferior technical quality in comparison with entertainment productions and works shot on low quality video haven’t benifitted from being shown together with 35mm film in a cinema setting. With the new DCP- format at the newly digitized cinemas, the differences will be erased, as it will be now possible to show works which differentiate themselves either artistically or technically using the same technical platform and within the same artistic context.

With this pilot project we would like to challenge old myths and conflicts between the mediums of film and video, opening up for a constructive dialogue around the social, artistic and technical possibilities and challenges this new technology presents for us.