Video Art Programmes Produced by Atelier Nord

Atelier Nord can offer several video art programmes of high quality and on various subject matters produced, distributed and curated by Atelier Nord. The programmes have been screened at reputable festivals such as Tromsø International Film Festival and The Short Film Festival in Grimstad as well as at schools, art societies, art centres and as part of seminars and conferences. For questions related to screening and presentation of available programmes please contact Atelier Nord on or 0047 23 06 08 80.

Available Programmes:

Slettemark_4VIDEO ERGO SUM: Norwegian Video Art Pioneers Turn the Camera Towards Themselves looks at a tendency that can be observed in the work of many artists that experimented with video when the technology first became available: turning the camera towards oneself and using ones own body as a point of departure and site of exploration. More information here.

DCIM100GOPROBeyond Horizons is curated by curator and art historian Hanne Hammer Stien. The programme focuses on local as well as global challenges related to the governance of natural resources in the High North. Duration: 1h 30m. For more information, please click here.

Skjermbilde 2014-04-07 kl. 13.28.43An Investigative Perspective consists of a selection of works based on narrative strategies derrived from cinema. As such, the programme is focused on an important tendency: more and more artists are specializing on film and wish to make films on a similar premise as film directors. An Investigative Perspective is curated by the artist duo Nina Toft and Hilde Honerud. Duration: 1h 5m. For more information, please click here.

Djønne_NYOther Powers is curated by media scholar and curator Susanne Sæther. The works in the programme focus on how contemporary and historical power structures are given concrete and often bizzare bodily expressions. For more on the programme, please clickhere.

travelling fields_thumbnail Documentary Strategies: New, Norwegian Film- and Video Art consists of work that closely alignes with the documentary film genre. The programme illustrates an interest in complex treatments of fundamental questions on authenticity, thruth and realism in relation to the field of visual art. Documentary Strategies is curated by Susanne Sæther. Duration: 1h 10m. More information available here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 13.25.46 Historically the video medium has had close ties to performance. In the programme That’s entertainment! New, Norwegian Performance Video the focus is on the relationship between performance and contemporary media- and entertainment culture. Duration: 1h. Curated by Susanne Sæther. For more information, please click

ParHasardProgrammet White Cube, Dark Room presents a selection of young, Norwegian artists that have made an impact internationally. Both the formal properties of video and the relationship between the medium and the body is explored. Click here for more information.

vidaoart_charlotte-229x152Body and Indentity explores how performative and symbolic gestures like painting nails or putting on a hijab are part of creating an identity. Developed for educational use and curated by Susanne Sæther. For more info, please click here.

videoart_marius-229x152 New Notions contains work that endeavours to create fictional worlds – both utopias and dystopias. The borders between fact and fiction, visions of the future and history are exceeded by formal explorations of the plastic qualities of video. Curated by Susanne Sæther. For more information, please click here.