Show Video Art!

Atelier Nord has been given support by Arts Council Norway for the project Show Video Art! Our goal is to establish a national network of screening locations that can present video art programmes curated by Atelier Nord to a wider audience. Cinemas, Cultural centers, arts societies, schools and other local screening locations are all possible participants.

The background for this project is the fact that video art / film art is seldom presented for a wider national audience, but rather shown within a specific art context in the larger cities. Atelier Nord has run the pilot project Video Art@DigitalCinema since 2010 and the experiences gained through this project enabled us to see a broad potential for showing video art in a nationwide context. We wish to challenge the medial opposition between video and film and hope to open up a constructive dialog on the artistic, technical and social challenges and opportunities poised by this technology. The project seeks to connect the visual arts and film scene by presenting video art and film art in the same context – opening up for a better understanding of media art by audiences.

The project will emphasise northern Norway in 2014, where we will work towards developing a network of screening locations and collaborators. A representative of Atelier Nord will tour with the programmes and introduce them before screenings, initiating and taking part in subsequent dialog and debate.

If you have tips, suggestions, or wish to participate in the project, please e-mail us at