We’re launching a project space!

Project Space

In January 2018 we’re launching our project space in Olaf Ryes plass 2. The project space is available to artists that want to edit moving image, sound or web based work over a shorter period.

Hardware and software have become cheaper and easier to use, but there is still a need for spaces where artists can work with professional tools with a predictable workflow. Laptops have allowed for decentralised forms of work, but there is still a need for high quality workspaces with multiple screens and advanced audio options.

The project space is equipped with a 27’ iMac with 5K screen, an extra 27’ monitor, external sound card, mixer, studio monitors, headphone amp and headphones. We’ve also included several software options.

Artists that want to use the project space can apply on our website. The application deadline for January to March 2018 is January 15th 2018. Working periods are 1-2 weeks. Longer periods are possible on a case by case basis.

The project space is supported by Arts Council Norway and Oslo Municipality, Department of Culture.