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Malgorzata Basinska

Under oppholdet i prosjektrommet i perioden (19.02 – 25.02.18) arbeidet Malgorzata Basinka med et fotoprosjekt med tittelen Visionary Transcendence.

Om arbeidet forteller Malgorzata:

The »Triptych’/ VISIONARY TRANSCENDENCE’ consists of  three panels that are part of a bigger exhibition project , that together will portray the timeless truth that order tends to decay.

For me working with photography is an adventure and occasion to reflection over the intensity of experience. This work is poeticallycharged and functions as a meditative symbol of perfection, union with the world, the sublime. A poetic articulation of visionary transcendence. It is recollected emotion and spontaneous sharing of a moment of visionary transcendence that records, validates, and celebrates nature’s redemptive beauty- the golden light- suffused upward- that illuminates nature’s vault.

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