Atelier Nord works within new media art, with new forms and new content – especially within technology intensive art. These fields are characterized by instability in relation to production, distribution and how they are communicated. Atelier Nord’s engagement with new media art aims to establish suitable conditions for the production and distribution of new media art, an increased understanding of these art forms, as well as a strengthening of the critical discussion within the field. New media art must be integrated into the established art system in such a way that its distinctive experiences and references become an integrated part of the art world.

Atelier Nord ANX is Atelier Nord’s production and exhibition space since 2011. ANX enables us to present a continually evolving programme of exhibitions, screenings, self-produced projects and collaborations with national and international artists, institutions and galleries.

We produce both collaborations and self initiated projects. A project can involve producing works of art, workshops, exhibitions and conferences. The projects vary in size and duration. For examples please see our project archive.

Atelier Nord is supported by Arts Council Norway.

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