In 1962 Anne Breivik and Reidar Rudjord initiated a collaboration, which was the start up of a graphic arts workshop. Anne Breivik transformed the workshop in 1965 into an internationally oriented workshop for metal plate graphics, modelled on the famous Atelier 17 in Paris. This workshop was given the name Atelier Nord.

In 1993 Atelier Nord received funding from The Arts Council of Norway in order to start a computer and video lab, in addition to the graphic arts workshop. At that time Atelier Nord was divided into three units: a graphic arts workshop, a computer unit, and a video art workshop with an animation unit. Later the equipment resource pool was formed and considered to be an independent unit. According to Anne Breivik’s philosophy, the idea of exploring and challenging new electronic technologies and media, as they were developing, became the new fundament for Atelier Nord as a workshop.

When Anne Breivik stepped down in 1997 Kristin Bergaust became the new Director. During her time from 1997 to 2001, Atelier Nord went through considerable changes. The graphic arts department was closed down and electronic art became the main focus. International networking was intensified through the establishment of Network Interface for Cultural Exchange (NICE). Nationally Production Network for Electronic Art (PNEK) was created with Atelier Nord as the administrative base and Kristin Bergaust as Director of the interim board. Throughout Kristin Bergaust’s period Atelier Nord had a central role in the etablishment of Norwegian Video Art, and was the first organization in Norway working methodically in relation to Net Art. A signal project during this period was Oslo Presence taking place in 2000.

From 2001 to 2007 Atle Barcley was the Director. In 2001 services from the Atelier Nord server where expanded and launched internationally. A new restructuring of Atelier Nord started in 2003 taking Atelier Nord from being a workshop for electronic arts to becoming a project base for unstable art forms. In the time period 2005 to 2007 a major part of the resources were directed towards international signal projects in collaboration with other art institutions and artists; Generator.x in 2005, Interface and Society in 2006, and Urban Interface | Oslo in 2007. These projects contained exhibitions, conferences, workshops, concerts, performances and text production.

In January 2008, Lars Gustav Midbø replaced Atle Barcley as Director of Atelier Nord. He was engaged due to his background as a project leader for Electrohype in Malmö, Sweden. Midbøe focused on communicating the activities of Atelier Nord to a broader audience through exhibitions, presentations, critical art theory and discussion. Relocating Atelier Nord to Kunstnernes Hus was an important advancement in this strategy, as Kunstnernes Hus is a well-known hub for artists and for experiencing art in Oslo. Midbø resigned July 1, 2009.

Ivar Smedstad was appointed the position as Director August 1, 2009. Smedstad came to Atelier Nord from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (NTNU). He has broad international experience from the field of Media Art and has previously been engaged at, amongst others, Electronic Arts Intermix New York and Academy of Media Arts, Cologne. Smedstad intends to develop Atelier Nord as a project base for artists. He is also developing services for the production of video and sound art, and expanding the promotion of these art forms. Being located in Kunstnernes Hus opens for a broader connection with the audience and proclaims our intention of being increasingly present to the public. Smedstad seeks to collaborate with Kunstnernes Hus, and others, on the presentation of media art, aiming to develop the project room into an important resource for production, and a platform for discourse of new art forms. Smedstad left his position in Atelier Nord 1. August 2018.

Ida Lykken Ghosh was appointed Director in August 2018. Ghosh has an extensive background as a producer, curator and consultant in the field of contemporary art, with a particular focus on photography and video art. Ghosh’s previous workplaces include Fotogalleriet, Office for Contemporary Norway (OCA) and Lofoten and International Art Festival (LIAF). Over the last few years, Ghosh has worked within the field of media art, among other roles as project coordinator for Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway (PNEK), where she was central to the development of The Norwegian Video Art Archive.

Atelier Nord ANX has been Atelier Nord’s exhibtion space both self-initiated and other projects since 2011. Atelier Nord ANX is located on the ground level of Olaf Ryes Plass 2 and is rented from the Cultural Department of The Municipality of Oslo. The space is used for exhibitions, screenings, production and research.