2 Film Performances

Quelques minutes de soleil après minuit solo piece by Xavier Querel (FR)
Cipher Screen by Greg Pope (UK) + John Hegre (NO)

Sunday 6. november 20:00 hrs
Atelier Nord’s ANX, Olav Ryes plass 2 (entrance Sofienbergt.)

About the performances:
In ’Quelques minutes de soleil après minuit ‘ (A few minutes of sun after midnight), Querel creates a moment in time disconnected from the daily rhythm of clocks and calendars and instead connected to the heart and the mind. This emotional invention which is transmitted; the interaction and the establishing of this dynamic and empathetic relationship, releases a brief moment of affirmation and universal joy.
‘Cipher Screen’ is a live art piece using 2 prepared 16mm film projectors with black film loops and a live sound feed. This work harnesses the mechanisms of film and cinema; the projector, the film material, the darkened room and synchronized sound .
The constant, reductive physical process applied to the surface of the film loops results in a slow transformation on the screen surface; out of aural and visual darkness builds a cacophonous crescendo of sound and image.

About the performers:

Xavier Quérel is based in Grenoble, France.
Since 1990 his main activity has been live film and light performances. He has been a member of “La Cellule d’intervention METAMKINE” since 1991, an internationally known film/music performance group.
He has presented work, with METAMKINE and various other groups, throughout 5 continents; venues have varied from prestigious art institutions and international festivals to independent clubs, squats and small villages deep in the African bush.

John Hegre has composed and performed improvisational music since 1995, and is best known from various free improvisation, contemporary and rock/noise projects including: The Golden Serenades, Jazkamer, Kaptein Kaliber, Noxagt and Public Enema. Beyond this Hegre has worked as a live sound technician and mastering technician, and created and performed music for theatre, dance and film.

After dabbling in punk rock bands and absurdist performance, Greg Pope founded Super 8 film collective Situation Cinema in 1986 and afterwards Loophole Cinema (London, 1989) also co-producing The International Symposium of Shadows in London in 1996.
Working collaboratively and individually, Pope has made video installations, live art pieces and single screen film works since 1996. Recent works include live cinema performance pieces as well as 35mm film. He currently lives in Norway and is active teaching, projecting, programming and making film.

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