Anne Breivik’s Collection

In 2003 Anne Breivik gave her art collection with an estimated 1500 works of art (mostly graphic art) to Atelier Nord. Due to a lack of resources connected to archiving, storing and exhibiting the collection, Atelier Nord had to give up the collection. It is now transferred to Trondheim kunstmuseum

Atelier Nord wishes to give a brief overview of Anne Breivik and her life’s work as the founder of Atelier Nord. For questions regarding Anne Breivik’s art collection, please contact Trondheim kunstmuseum.

Anne Breivik and Atelier Nord
Anne Breivik was born in 1932 in Steinkjer. After studying at art schools in Trondheim and Oslo, she left for Paris in 1960 where she gained entry at the famous graphic arts workshop Atelier 17. Three great things came out of her stay at Atelier 17: Anne Breivik learned copperplate engraving; she experienced an international artistic environment; and she developed ideas of how to establish a similar workshop in Norway. In 1962 Anne Breivik and Reidar Rudjord collaborated on the startup of a graphic arts workshop in Oslo. In 1965 Anne Breivik reformed this unit into an open and internationally oriented graphic arts workshop modeling on Atelier 17 in Paris. In 1967 the workshop received the name Atelier Nord. Anne Breivik singlehandedly ran Atelier Nord for over 30 years. Several hundred Norwegian and international artists have worked at Atelier Nord over the years. Anne Breivik’s own art is procured by many international art collections, and also of course by most of the larger Norwegian collections.

Through most of her artistic career Anne Breivik used copperplate engraving and etching, with particular focus on the characteristic method of using several colors on the same plate – a technique known as the Hayter Technique. This particular school of graphic arts is know for its experimental and exploring attitude towards techniques and artistic processes. Anne Breivik became nationally and internationally known using the Hayter Technique. As early as 1986 Anne Breivik started to use computers in her creative process and thus became a pioneer in Norway in the field of Electronic Art. Atelier Nord changed direction and started specializing in art using digital media. This change of direction brought Atelier Nord to its current form, and the foundation is still, in the spirit of Anne Breivik, internationally rooted.

The motives of Anne Breivik’s art is different from the motives of her current Norwegian colleagues. While many artists worked with abstract close ups of Norwegian landscapes, pop art inspired political images, or non-figurative compositions, Anne Breivk was inspired by themes like the cosmos and humanity’s conquest of the universe. She also saw the Norwegian landscapes with an Asian perspective.

Anne Breivik – an art politician
In a period of 15 years, Anne Breivik was involved in art politics, firstly as a Director of The Association of Norwegian Printmakers, where she earned a double honorary membership. Later Anne Breivik became the Assistant Director for the Arts Council Norway. She can take credit for much of the progress the Arts Council made in the eight-year period she was there. She can also take credit for the development of the system for subsidies for artists and artist driven art promotion in the same period.