Beyond Horizons in Edinburgh

Aberdeen and Glasgow

Kjetil Berge – Breaking the Ice (2014)

The video programme Beyond Horizons will be shown in Glasgow on Saturday 18th of March, in Edinburgh Saturday 18th of March and in Aberdeen Monday 20th of March. The Screenings are part of the festival Highlight Artic, organised by Highlight Arts.

Beyond Horizons programme is curated by Hanne Hammerstien and produced by Nina Toft and Ivar Smedstad for Atelier Nord. It premiered at Tromsø International Film Festival in 2014 and subsequently toured the north of Norway. 

The programme focuses on works by artists who question the governance of natural resources in Northern Norway and The High North. An important issue in this regard is the right to the land and the sea. Another central issue is climate change, and the impact local interventions can have on a global scale. By exploring these themes the artists included in this program imply that we need to think anew, or even learn from what we already know to look beyond the given horizons.

Beyond Horizons was developed as part of the project Show video art! which aimed to show video art outside of Norway’s main cities.