Dokumentariske strategier:Ny, norsk film- og videokunst

Atelier Nord presents art in the cinema

Pan, Wednesday, 15:00 | Pan, Saturday, 10:30

For the third year running, Atelier Nord presents Norwegian film and video art at the Norwegian Short Film Festival in Grimstad. This year’s program focuses on documentary strategies. All of the participating artists are already established nationally and internationally, and have studied at art academies in Norway or abroad. While some work across both the film and art scene, for most the gallery space is a more natural exhibition arena than the cinema. Within the institutions of visual art, film and video are frequently part of extensive installations including sculptural elements and also often several image channels, the spatial presentation of which is fundamental. And yet an increasing number of film and video artists desire optimal screening conditions, with full control of light and sound. The gallery’s traditional design as a neutral, white space or a “white cube” therefore increasingly resembles the “black box” of the movie theatre. It might seem, therefore, that the institutionally imposed division between film and art is, in some areas, beginning to break down. Atelier Nord wishes to contribute to explore and challenge this division. The program at The Norwegian Short Film Festival in Grimstad is part of this ambition.

Introduction by Susanne Ø. Sæther, programme curator, and Ivar Smedstad, Artistic director at Atelier Nord. Read more