Technological textiles
Can we touch without really touching? Can we transform touch into an instrument? Can textiles sound?

Exhibition at Atelier Nord ANX
10 – 27 October 2013
Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday from 12 – 17.

Artists: Zane Berzina, Jackson Tan, Maurin Donneaud, Vincent Roudaut, Anna Biro, Luke Fischbeck, Hillevi Munthe, Elisabeth Schimana and Tincuta Heinzel.

Program at Atelier Nord ANX, 10th October 2013
14.00 Artist Talk with all the artists
19.00 Åpning og konsert med Luke Fischbeck (US), XY Interaction (FR) and Elisabeth Schimana (AT)

Guided tours
Sunday 20 and 27 October from 14-14.30. (free)
School classes 30-45 minutes by appointment (free)
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HAPTOSONICS is an exhibition project part of the Soft Technology project which focuses on the artistic potential of new textile technology. Soft Technology opens up to develop a new visual language that connects traditionally opposing fields like technology and interactive communication with textiles and soft materials. The project was initiated by Hillevi Munthe in 2010 and has been ongoing until today containing exhibitions, different workshops and work production.