Here and Not

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Group show with Richard Alexandersson, Pete Fleming and Jessica MacMillan.
Atelier Nord ANX, Olaf Ryes plass 2 (entrance Sofienberggt.)
02.06. – 25.06.17
Thursday and Friday 15-18, Saturday and Sunday 13-18.

Please join us for the opening reception Thursday 1st of June, 7 PM.

Technology can be both a practical and existential consideration. On the one hand, technology can refine our bodies, sensory apparatus and knowledge. Alternatively, it could simply be a commodity that promises much but does little. Richard Alexandersson, Pete Fleming and Jessica MacMillan share a common interest in the point where the limitations of technical objects converge with the body.

«Here and Not» explores how mediation affects our experience, our orientation in virtual and physical space and the navigation of time. The exhibition traverses scientific fact and imaginary worlds, as well as the optical systems that shape such perceptions.

Richard Alexandersson works with video installations incorporating digital 3D-animation, text, and sound. In his work, nostalgia mixes with futurism, balancing the sublime with the mundane features of everyday life.

Pete Fleming utilises photography, video, and immersive installation. He approaches digital image-making from a materialist perspective, engaging with cables, optics, and processes that move between virtual and physical space.

Jessica MacMillan’s multidisciplinary approach to sculpture and installation illustrates concepts within astronomy and their relationship to daily life. Geophysical orientation and scientific instruments are reoccurring in her work, allowing for contextual links between the gallery space and the cosmos.

«Here and Not» was selected by a jury from 62 applications, as part of Atelier Nord’s first annual open call.

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Pete Fleming, getting pulled in while being thrown out, old traps disperse through new forms (2017)

Pete Fleming, getting pulled in while being thrown out, old traps disperse through new forms (2017)