Atelier Nord Appoints a New Director

Ida Lykken Ghosh is appointed the new Director of Atelier Nord. Ghosh is currently Head of Administration at the same institution and will succeed Ivar Smedstad, Artistic Director since 2009.

Ida Lykken Ghosh has an extensive background as a producer, curator and consultant in the field of contemporary art, with a particular focus on photography and video art. Ghosh’s previous workplaces include Fotogalleriet, Office for Contemporary Norway (OCA) and Lofoten and International Art Festival (LIAF). Over the last few years, Ghosh has worked within the field of media art, among other roles as project coordinator for Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway (PNEK), where she was central to the development of The Norwegian Video Art Archive. Since 2016 she has been Head of Administration at Atelier Nord, where she has been involved in daily operations and the development of Atelier Nord’s artistic programming. 

– With Ida Lykken Ghosh Atelier Nord has acquired a director with interesting ideas pertaining to the further development of Atelier Nord in both artistic and organizational terms, who is also an experienced arts administrator. With her background and network from both the contemporary art world and the media arts scene, it is the board’s opinion that Ghosh is well qualified to increase Atelier Nord’s visibility in both fields, something we consider an important priority moving forward. The board is confident that Ghosh will develop a distinct and high-quality program for Atelier Nord over the coming years, says Chair of the Board for Atelier Nord, Susanne Østby Sæther.

– I am very pleased with the opportunity to develop Atelier Nord further. We will continue strengthening the visibility and position of media art within the Norwegian and international art scene, but with closer attention to contemporary art in general. As I see it, there is no contradiction between a closer connection between contemporary art and the experimental and narrow projects that function as the leading-edge within media art. This is a connection that I am aiming to strengthen, says Ida Lykken Ghosh.

– I want to continue Atelier Nord’s work with improving the production- and exhibition opportunities for artists working within media art. Local and international collaboration is a prerequisite for increasing visibility and creating good working relationships inside and outside the field of media art. In addition, a central priority will be to highlight female artists within this traditionally male-dominated part of the art world, bringing forward both young voices as well as often overlooked pioneers.

In consultation with the new director, the board is in favor of a restructuring of the organization, merging the positions of Artistic Director and Head of Administration, thus freeing funds to strengthen professional expertise. This autumn, Atelier Nord will hire a curator who, in collaboration with the Director and the rest of the team, will contribute towards developing, promoting and elevating the artistic programme.

– There is an increased need for specialized curatorial competency within the field of art, even in small and medium sized organizations. Atelier Nord is small organization aiming to disseminate the history of media art while simultaneously looking forward, tasks that require significant curatorial work, if a high level of quality in terms of exhibitions and other projects is to be maintained. Therefore, we want to hire a curator that will contribute towards developing project ideas and the artistic program in close collaboration with me as a Director and the other employees, says Ida Lykken Ghosh.

Ghosh is appointed as fulltime Director from August 1st, 2018.

Photograph: Cathinka Ghosh Maisey.