Imagine! Video workshop for kids with Haraldur Karlsson

Atelier Nord is hosting a free video workshop for kids from 10-14 years of age, Saturday and Sunday the 22nd and 23rd of October. The Workshop is part of the exhibition It’s All About the Signal med Steina og Woody Vasulka.

Haraldur Karlsson will teach participants the basics of IMAGE/INE (ImX), a video software package that focuses on live performance and installation art. There will be ample opportunity to play and learn with IMAGE/INE and to experiment with different ways of making art. We’ll be editing video, manipulating images and experimenting with live video and fun effects. No prior experience is necessary to participate, and participation is completely free!

day 1: introduction and simple programming. Collecting materials.
day 2: formatting, programming and performance!

The workshop lasts from 10-13 both days, with a presentation of work after 13 on Sunday. There will be pastries and fruit for participants, as well as coffee for parents!

The workshop is now fully booked!