Infinitesimal Gradations

Dates: 04.03–03.04.22
Opening hours: Thursday and Friday 15-18, Saturday and Sunday 12-17
Atelier Nord, Olaf Ryes plass 2 (entrance. Sofienberggata)

Please join us for the exhibition opening on Thursday the 3rd of March from 7 PM. There will be a performance by Magdaléna Manderlováwith Kristoffer Lislegaard.

The group show Infinitesimal Gradations – with contributions from artists Kaia Hugin, Hasan Daraghmeh and Magdaléna Manderlová – borrows its name from one of the cards in Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s deck Oblique Strategies. Originally published in 1975, Oblique Strategies is a tool for creative problem-solving, offering nudges in the form of short creative prompts that straddle the border between vague and instructive.

Kaia Hugin’s video Motholic Mobble part 11 (2022) combines the bodily exertions and risk-taking of performance art with a cinematic language that references a wide variety of cinematic genres. Hasan Daraghmeh’s video installation Timescape No.7: (Wide Eyes) (2022) stretches images of everyday life across several flatscreen displays, resulting in a visually compelling composition that makes both the passage of time and space seem elastic. Magdaléna Manderlová’s sound installation Straw Bales (2021-ongoing) is a sonic mediation on the artist’s memories of a particular species of bird, the common swift, touching on the relationship between sound perception and memory.

Hugin, Daraghmeh and Manderlova are former students of Norwegian art academies in which the curator of this show, artist and educator Jeremy Welsh, taught between 1990 and 2020. Bringing them together in a single space can be seen as a creative exercise, not entirely dissimilar to those found in Oblique Strategies. The question Welsh wanted to explore with this exhibition is simple: what will happen when these artists’ works meet in a single space and time?

Kaia Hugin (b. 1975) primarily works with performance-based video and often integrates elements of contemporary dance and climbing in her work. She graduated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2011 and currently lives and works in Drøbak.

Magdaléna Manderlová (b 1991) is an artist living in Trondheim who works with sound, field recording, and performance. She received her MFA from The Trondheim Academy of Arts in 2018.

Hasan Daraghmeh (b. 1983) is an artist that lives and works in Trondheim. He works primarily with video, multimedia installation and photography. Often focusing on memory, time and space in relation to the digital era that we live in.

Jeremy Welsh (b. 1954) is a Bergen-based artist and was a professor at the art academies of Bergen and Trondheim between 1990 – 2020. His works have been shown internationally since the early eighties. He has curated numerous exhibitions in Europe and North America and has written extensively on electronic art.