Karin Hellqvist – konsert på Atelier Nord ANX

Olaf Ryes plass 2, entrance from Sofienberggt.
12.9.2012 at 18.00 hrs

Despite her young age, this Swedish violist has already performed at many of Europe’s leading contemporary music arenas. At Ultima she will be performing new works for the violin and electronics by Erik Dæhlin, Malin Bång, Mauricio Pauly and Hanna Hartmann. Tickets:
Karin Hellqvist, violin, Malin Bång, Yumi Murakami

Erik Dæhlin: On Transposing Distance for violin and sound (WP)
Mauricio Pauly: It’s fleece electrostatic for violin and guitar pedals
Hanna Hartman: Borderlines for violin, sound objects and electronics
Malin Bång: Purfling for violin and electronics