Lansering av kassetten

Twin Beaks

Torsdag 16.3.23 klokken 18.00 – 20.00 
Atelier Nord, Olaf Ryes plass 2 (inngang Sofienberggata)

Vonna-Michell og Henning Lundkvist lanserer kassetten «Twin Beaks» på Breton Cassette. Performance kl. 19.00.

Utgis av Breton Cassette og Mount Analogue
Audiotape edition: 22

Dubbed onto old eagled tapes, wrapped in surplus paper stock, and published in an edition of 22 by Breton Cassette and Mount Analogue are basement dynamics from-one-generation-to-the- next-and-back in the shape of a 15 minute work, carved out from +5 hours of recordings, cut-up in the vein, possibly, of the original tape material – gone through and talked over and recorded in basements in Stockholm in late 2022 – excavated from the boxes and the piles and the residue making up the archives of Balsam Flex, an underground cassette label run from the end of the seventies and throughout the eighties by E E Vonna-Michell.

Lanseringen er del av utstillingen «The Art of Mirrors» en kollektiv filminstallasjon med bidrag fra 19 kunstnere, organisert av Greg Pope.