Lecture: Art and Ecology

Green will hold a series of lectures at Atelier Nord ANX this spring.

In the first of three lectures, titled Art and Ecology Green wish to direct attention towards artists that focus on the environment and ecological issues in their work. The lecture will take place on Wednesday the 28th of January 7 PM at Atelier Nord ANX. The lecture is free and open to anyone. More information on the programme can be found here (norwegian only). The lecture will also be held in Norwegian.

The worldwide ecological crisis fills column after column in the media. Writers, architects, designers and engineers have long since joined green initiatives. What does this engagement look like in the visual arts? Is eco-art a new genre within the field, in the same way that we are seeing a wave of ecologically conscious literature and film?

The existential issues at play in the climate crisis is something that more and more artists are engaging in, without necessarily calling themselves “eco-artists” and the field is large and diverse. In the last few years we’ve observed that many artists are working on projects and exhibitions relating to the environment and ecology. The artistic strategies that are applied are often interdisciplinary, and often require a significant transfer of knowledge. Often these works are realized using different forms of documentation and collaborations with scientists are commonplace. Land art, installation art, relational projects, material based art, photography and video are just some of the forms used in such projects, which can vary from poetically contemplative to political activism.

Green was founded by a group of visual artists concerned with the ethical governance of natural ressources. The idea behind Green is that members and various collaborators will fill the project with content. Green is an open platform for networking, collaboration and the exchange of knowledge within the field of visual arts.

The lecture will be held in Norwegian. More information on the programme can be found here.