Maia Urstad


16.09 – 30.10.22
Thursday and Friday 15–18, Saturday and Sunday 12–17.

Maia Urstad’s site-specific sound installation FERD stages a train station. Here, train drivers’ communications are mixed with announcements, fragments of conversations between travelers, machine sounds, and electronic signals. This sonic environment gives rise to a state somewhere between dream and waking, similar to the slow time that may occur when travelling by train. The station’s exact time and place are deliberately made indeterminable and hazy, as if all stations from all times are blended into one.

FERD is a continuation of Urstad’s interest in technologies from recent history that enable communication over large distances such as radio and the telegraphy. Urstad is interested in the speed of technological development and often looks at historical moments when a technology stands on the verge of obsolescence.

Maia Urstad lives and works in Bergen. In 2019, Urstad was awarded the Rune Brynestad Memorial Grant. She was appointed City Sound Artist of Bonn 2017 and her sound installation MURMUR was acquired by the National Museum in 2020. Her works have recently been presented at XIV Biennial of Media Art, Santiago de Chile, Oslo Kunstforening, Kunsthuset Kabuso, Bergen Kunsthall, Struer Tracks, Sonic Acts and Borderline Festival among others.

FERD is supported by Arts Council Norway and is produced by Atelier Nord as part of the Ultima Festival. Thanks to Lydgalleriet and NOTAM for assistance.