Open Call 2017 Exhibition Announcement

We received a total of 68 applications for this year’s Open Call, an increase from last year. The purpose of the Open Call is to create an opportunity for artists to show experimental, technology-driven or media-based work.

The applications came from both individual artists and groups and we’d like to thank everyone that applied. The quality of applications was high and the selection committee (Ivar Smedstad, Ida Lykken Ghosh, Mattias Härenstam og Synne Tollerud Bull) was impressed by the breadth of projects.

After careful consideration and lengthy discussions, the committee has decided to award the exhibition opportunity to Daniel Slåttness. The committee would like to highlight the close relationship between technical experimentation and aesthetic concerns in Slåttness’ proposed project. They understood the project as a further development of the dialog between psychology and technical «prostheses» that has been central to much of Slåtness’ practice. In addition, the committee found that the project could be completed with the resources offered by the Open Call. We’re looking forward to hosting Slåttnes and his houseplants in 2018!

The selection process and the amount of interesting applications has convinced us that there is a need for Open Calls judged by a professional committee. This will be the second time we include an Open Call in the exhibition programme at Atelier Nord ANX.

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