Open Call 2020

Jury's decision

The jury has completed its work on Atelier Nords Open Call for an exhibition slot in 2020. The purpose of the open call is to offer artists the opportunity to show a media, sound or video-based art project with a predictable budget and framework. We received 66 applications in total, a small increase from the previous year. 

Atelier Nord would like to thank everyone that applied. After interesting and varied discussions the jury (Ida Lykken Ghosh, Synne Tollerud Bull, Bjørn Hatterud og Nicholas Norton) has decided to select Kim Hankyul’s proposal.

The jury felt that Hankyul’s proposal for a kinetic sound installation Jazz by Jazz (working title) relates to ongoing discussions on autonomous machines, as well as debates on the ability of machines to reproduce or mimic human creativity. The technical aspects of the installation were thoroughly described and connected to a well formulated concept. The jury especially enjoyed Hankyul’s idea of “abstract disfunction”, a “failure of systematic controll” in the design of the installation that makes it incapable of creating synchronized rhythm. The very same “failure” can also be read as productive, as it allows the installation to reproduce the syncopated rhythms of jazz music.

Kim Hankyul (b. 1990) was born in South Korea and lives and works in Bergen. His work work centres on with kinetic sound installations which use motorized movement to create noise. Often, his installations attempt to reproduce daily routines through mechanical means. Hankyul’s work has been shown at BEK (2019), Radio Space: Borealis (2019), Lydgalleriet (2019), Landmark(2019), Galleri Slakt (2019), Doosan Art Center Seoul (2018) and Unofficial Preview Gallery Seoul (2017).

This is the fourth time Atelier Nord holds its annual open call. Follow our Facebook, newsletter, or Instagram for updates on our programme and application deadlines.