Re:Placing the Cinematic – Evening event

Bleeding is a synaesthetic and synchronic live performance. It is based on the phenomena of retinal persistence and uses sound up to 400 bpm. Bleeding uses two screens, one of which is painted with phosphorescent pigments. Projecting on both simultaneously results in a perceptual ambiguity between the real and the retinal permanence of vision. The audiovisual aesthetic of the performance derives from this dualism and is achieved by firing a barrage of stimuli at the audience. More information:

Greg Pope & Jon Wesseltoft – Longwave
Greg Pope & Jon Wesseltoft has been commissioned to make a new work for the   conference evening program. Improvised around certain parameters, “Longwave” will last the rest of the evening (ca. 2.5 hours long) with the audience free to come and go. Relating to the theme of the conference, it is a live installation, with multiple projectors (16,S8, slide and video) and slowly evolving image and sound.