Seminar med Annet Dekker: Born Digital

Videokunstarkivet invites you to a seminar with Annet Dekker.
Date: 26th September 2013.
Time: 1pm – 4pm (incl lunch).
Venue: Atelier Nord ANX, Olaf Ryes pl. 2, 0552 Oslo (entrance from Sofienberggt.)

Free admission!
 (Note: Mandatory pre-registration to in order to plan food/seating arrangements.)

What are the characteristics of born-digital art and what are its specific problematics? This talk focuses on strategies that are currently developed by museums of contemporary art, compared to the way artists are safeguarding their own works.
Conservation is a relatively young field of theory and practice. One of the most debated issues in the field concerns the limits of preservation practices: How far can one go in making changes to the object, which guidelines need to be followed, and is the artwork or the artist’s intent “leading” this effort? In other words, how can culturally significant artifacts such as works of art be preserved as close as possible to their historic (or authentic) state or, if necessary, restored to that state by means of conservation interventions?

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