The Art of Mirrors

03.03. – 19.03.23

A K Dolven, Anna Sofie Mathiasen, Hannah Wiker Wikström, Johan Andrén, Anna Clawson, Sara Guldmyr, Nicole Ward, Jibril Ngoga, Ben Clement, Sara Abbasnejad, Eili Bråstad Johannesen, Samoa Remy, Jenny Lee Perlin, Tris Tristam Vonna-Michell, Rachel Dagnall, Fatou Åsbakk, Tommy Olsson, Hamid Waheed and Maryam Jafri

Join us for the exhibition opening on Thursday 2nd of March 2023 from 19.00

A collective moving image installation, presented without hierarchy.

A single entity constructed by 19 separate artists – alumni, current students and faculty from KHIO – creating a fragmented narrative using 18 mirrors which constitute the central thread of the whole.
Reflecting and refracting, splintering and re-combining; emerging, emerged, submerged creative energies and diverse personalities join forces in this co-operative endeavour.

This project was named in homage to Derek Jarman’s 1973 film of the same title.

Initiated by Greg Pope.