The Bachelor Degree Show AVGANG 2016 at Atelier Nord ANX

Atelier Nord is pleased to announce Josefin Andersson’s and Henning Erlandsson’s respective degree works: Institute of Nomadic Alchemy and Life on the floor at Atelier Nord ANX. As a part of the bachelor exhibition AVGANG 2016 at the Art Academy in Oslo (KHiO) where Andersson Erlandsson completing their bachelor degrees their this spring.

The projects have developed separately over a long period of time and will come together for the first time as a physical expression when they share the room at the ANX. The works focus on social, physical and mental movement (and stagnation) in the private and global sphere. Andersson and Erlandsson approach this theme from different starting points, through the work’s physical manifestations in the gallery space, but also through the conceptualisation of notions such as ideology, economics, the symbolic order (our social language) and the phenomenology of the body.

Josefin Andersson: Institute of Nomadic Alchemy
Institute of Nomadic Alchemy (INA) is an office space, a stage, the fabrication of a piece of the Internet. Nomadic alchemy is a poetic definition of a phenomenon in which the value elusively arises from nowhere only to travel on. The term nomadic alchemy highlights the liquid-like function as movement and the terms of value production has in modern, global economy. By emphasising movement thematised ideologies and economies, infrastructure, places and bodies.

Collaboration with Sofia Olsson.

Henning Erlandsson: Life on the Floor

Life on the Floor is a continuous project which has grown through a slow process of procrastination, decision anxiety and bodily resistance. The project explores what happens when we are no longer capable to carry the roles that we’re assigned by Others, or the identities we struggle with in ourselves. In an increasingly avoidant everyday life a desire to form another space arises, hidden from the ideology of positive thinking, where the split subject can find breathing room in a faltering temporality.

In the simultaneously transient and concrete room that Institute of Nomadic Alchemy makes out, two blanket forts have been constructed. Apart from functioning as huts, the two constructions are also video installations that present four new video works.