Trevor Mathison in Conversation

with Rob Young

Welcome to a conversation with Trevor Mathison on Sunday, September 17th, 2023 at 1:00 PM.

In this conversation with Rob Young, the British artist Trevor Mathison will discuss his long-term project “From Signal to Decay” and his multifaceted work with sound across film, installations, and music. This event is part of Ultima Context .

Trevor Mathison (born 1960) is a British artist, musician, composer, sound designer and recordist. He integrates archival material into his sonic art, combining the fragments to create haunting aural landscapes. He was the resident composer, sound designer and audio recordist of the internationally renowned artist group, the Black Audio Film Collective, whose poetic, haunting documentaries such as Handsworth Songs (1986), Twilight City (1989) and Seven Songs for Malcolm X (1993) examined the black-British and post-colonial experience in Britain.