Finissage for Behold, Silvery Cosmic Spheres of Light

Date and time: 11.11.18, 14. 00.
Place: Atelier Nord ANX, Olaf Ryes place 2 (entrance Sofienberggata).

Finisage with text reading and concert for Jason Havneraas & Kjetil Berge’s exhibition Behold, Silvery Cosmic Spheres of Light.

Reader Kari Veiteberg
Reader Jason Havneraas
Singer  Joe Winter

The finissage builds upon Jason Havneraas & Kjetil Berge’s preoccupation with belief systems as fundamental to the way we organize our coexistence. Our intention is to bring grand narratives of the universe and glorious spiritual truths back to earth and find revelation in everyday reality and the quirks of human behavior.  

Kari Veiteberg is theologian, priest and bishop of the Oslo diocese. She has published several books on theological questions and is a well-known social debater.

Joe Winter is a British musician and singer who leans to the electronic left. His music evokes his hometown of London, as well as a few other places. His voice is from nowhere you’ve ever been. 

Jason Havneraas is a visual artist residing in Oslo. His work centers on spiritual and ideological belief systems and the effects these have on individuals and groups.

Waffles and coffee will be served.