Yuko Mohri


I/O is an installation that creates an organic ecosystem where the form and movement of the work responds to exhibition conditions in a flexible manner.

Gently cascading rolls of paper pick up charcoal powder, dust, and other debris. Their traces are scanned and converted into random input-output electric signals that cause a constellation of objects, such as feather dusters and old musical instruments, to move and produce sound. The site-specific characteristics — including movements of air, humidity, and the undulating surface of the floor — are picked up by the rolls of paper, gradually permeating it with the unique features of the exhibition space. The result is an organic environment where the same sound and movement never occurs twice. In this case, the gallery might be likened to a biotope-like ecosystem that interweaves the natural and artificial.

Yuko Mohri is a Japanese artist based in Tokyo. She often works with instruments in her installations and has collaborated with leading sound artists and composers such as Camille Norment, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Akio Suzuki. In her work, everyday items conduct intangible energies such as magnetism, gravity, temperature and light allowing for chance operations.

The show is part of Ultima 2021 and is supported by Japan Foundation.