Greener on the Other Side

International video art festival
presented by Clemens Wilhelm

20th March 2014, 7 pm
at Atelier Nord ANX

A proverb tells us that «the grass is always greener on the other side», reminding us that distant locations always appear greater than they are when seen from afar. But where is this other side in the 21th century? When traveling physically, one often cannot escape the feeling that places are becoming more similar, more commodified, more corporate-ruled. The omnipresent digital medium video travels via internet around the globe and stimulates international dialogue across borders like no other visual art medium at the moment. A new generation of video artists speaks up:

GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE presents a selection of international video artists whose work reflects the issues of the globalized generation. GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE does not present videos on a specific theme, but shows a collage image of the subconscious of our present. Personal and global issues clash as the individual struggles with society.

GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE • OSLO shows a selection of seven young German artists who use the medium film/video. PROMISED LAND shows you a meeting of bankers behind closed curtains. ANKUNFT IN ZONE DELTA presents a couple which struggles with individualism. BIRDS shows you the human world in contrast with the world of birds. EAGLE is a bizarre encounter with a stranger in the streets of LA. HIGHLIGHT appears to be a nightmare in a dark German village. CONTACT is the uncomfortable first meeting in real life of a man and woman who met online.

GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE is a traveling international video art festival initiated by artist Clemens Wilhelm (Berlin) in 2011. Since then it showed video programs at Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing (CN), Sichuan Fine Arts Insitute, Chongqing (CN), Frequency Time Group, Chengdu (CN), SIM The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavik (IS), Meneer de Wit, Amsterdam (NL), Buitenwerkplaats Artist Residency, Starnmeer (NL), Titanik Gallery, Turku (FI), Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki (FI), Eesti Kunstiakadeemia, Tallinn (EST), Glasgow School of Art (UK), Babel Art Space, Trondheim (NO), Small Projects, Tromsö (NO), and NOD Gallery, Prague (CZ).

Julia Charlotte Richter PROMISED LAND 11′
Nike Arnold & Mikko Gaestel ANKUNFT IN ZONE DELTA 13‘
Ulu Braun BIRDS 15‘
Mirko Martin EAGLE 20‘
Constantin Hartenstein HIGHLIGHT 14‘
Clemens Wilhelm CONTACT 15‘

GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE is non-profit and artist-run, made possible by the generous support of the featured artists and the hosting institutions.