Maxwell City_workshop notater

Workshop notes

Well here we are on the first day of the Maxwell city workshop. A buch of artists with little or no scientific background getting together to explore the invisible architecture of Hertzian space. Our first problem seems to be one of language and how we communicate our ideas on this subject without being pre-occupied with a scientific framework of explanation.Scientific language, after all, is a history that has been created by systematic processes of investigation. Scientific laws and predictions are still only self-verifying theories; we can never really know what the ‘absolute’ truth actually is.

How do we talk about the electromagnetic substance? How can we discuss the materiality of a three dimensional ‘other’ space without resorting to protons, radiations and waves? As artists, we can only be concerned with the reality that is of our own making, a reality that is whole, a reality that encompasses the human into the equation.

Using Electromagnetism as a metaphor for the invisible, we can only make use of scientific methods for the detection of this hertzian dimension, enabling us to translate the findings into our own language and descriptions of space.

Eight of us leave the building, equipped with EM sniffers, head phones and recording equipment. Out we go, into the busy place that is the ether…

new tool: very sensible ULF devices, on long sticks
studio tests ]

we are repeating yesterday’s plant tests, without conclusive results, maybe due to the fact that some have been watered before. amanda seems a natural, her hairs sticking up and she is receiving a feeling of prickling when putting her arms between the leaves.

listening into computers, interestingly they sound differently, even being the same model, such as two macs.

the energetic field seems to be degrading faster then the magnetic, therefore we are using antennas instead of coils. the coil, on the other side, is more local-sensitive.

why does ‘feeling a field’ end so ‘abrupt’, something i did not anticipate.. maybe our idea of fields is one of extensive surfaces, but it seems to be really more locally.

mapping? how to map the space/field..

home-tests ]

quatrophonic and -imagentic: put four cameras onto a pole with sniffers, gain a space out of it;

use drawings to map a field by mounting a pencil on the device

we are used to ‘technology’ that works, eg. the tv is on and, then functioning. but here, this is rather dynamic.

seizures? how to the fit this in? neurological generated fields ..

what is it about maps: ‘making sense’ / discovery / meta=physical / mythological

presentations ]

atle barcley [ can em fields be used as artistic medium ]

eg. swans (a music group) their sound frequency affects the bodies,
eg. beware of the combination microwaves and cats

EM weapons created by the military (US and other), src are unofficial

humans produce EM fields too, how many ions to do you have, and how do they move? are we different?

radio reception in your dental fillings? voices in your head?

some people can hear the aurea borealis, or can you hear it?!

what you can hear, can you see it? what would synaestetics think of that?

ex _ factory
ex _ the isolated summer house
ex _ the old farm house

‘pocket space’, ‘blind spots’, ’shadow’ .. words that come up for space devoid of fields

what about the haunted spaces?
infrasound is barely hearable, humidity and temperature in-consistent, air movement occurs (without cause), EM (ghostbuster use ‘gaussmeter’) – cell phones disturb the field, drive away the ghosts

= EM can be used as artistic medium >
working psychological on the imagination of the audience might be important.

‘one makes sense of whatever is difficult to explain’ > telepathy = mental radio

when does predisposition determine a certain outcome? are you looking for ghosts when you are going to a ghost house (yes if you believe, no if you sceptical), what if you are not aware? it is certainly more true / less induced.. but not all can be explained by the spectrum.

science tries to demystify ‘weird’ events

hc [infrared]

some animals can see within the infrared, a frequence range just to the side of the visible red, so can certain technological devices, such as nightshot (reflected light picked up by sensores)

interesting pictures shows differences between cold and warm blooded experiments

thermal visioning protects your country from immigrants trying to sneak through

showing work from the past, one can detect handprints until the wear off; different body parts exhibit different temperatures; black=cold, white=hot

friction heats by rubbing your feet on the flor, or look ar cold water becoming warm or vice versa

switching to the spectrum as a whole, all is -light

real levitation video, a must from youtube, diamagnetic levitation []

another fieldtrip. erich made a stereo-sniffer device, again.. tram lines seem to be very ‘vocal’. the weather is rain on/off, so it is kind of unpredicatble, plus people are wondering what we are doing with black box / long pole devices. since the long pole is for ultra low frequency detection, we thought to visit the graveyard, paying homage to the famous and forgotten. we picked up voice and music, radio probably. it seems clear that if you want to live in a radiation-free area, the graveyard is an option. vygandas’s UL device picked up a lot on the ATM and playing machines, even around a car. is there a correlation between ‘who’ records and ‘what’ gets recorded? is there a special sensitivity, or quietness that allows for certain recording to take place?

difference between waves and sound ?? something i am still trying to grasp is the difference between an analogue, mechanical sound, created by vibration/amplification, and an electro-magnetic wave spectrum that encompassed all through which waves propagate, including the in/visible.

part of me sets out on each task.. with a different detector wondering what exactly to detect, and then what to expect of this expectation. for today, what is u[ltra]l[ow]f[requency]? it is below 3 hz.. at the low end of the radio spectrum. i imagine it as a field, surrounding then a source emitting inside this range. radio then, or something akin. therefore the graveyard. are the dead comunicating? apparently. in norwegian and with music.

more confusing, at this second day, and – admittingly – tired to listen to static or random noise, one tries to make sense of it. sense being ‘be exited’ about a change in the static. i recall the movie ‘white noise’, recent and rather bad. but in principal, the idea is ‘of making sense’.

we watched craig baldwin’s ‘the spectres of the spectrum’, a movie to show to people who have trouble pronouncing ‘electro..what?’. a historical-histerical introduction to the subject. worth referencing.

as a visual artist, my interest lies (partial) in visualising. i am trying to make the in-visible (what a word) perceptible, and i am searching for an approach to do just that. the biggest challenge is conceptual, to come up with a viable, reality-augmenting idea that works in demonstrating another facet of reality permeating through/around us..

we talked about the further development of the work.
This was basically more field recording, exploring the differences between
the different devices, and spectrum analysis.
Amanda also shared her idea for a strobe based time fountain triggered by EM

we talked about radio construction, maybe make a simple radio tomorrow?
field trip with lunch at tryvann.

hoping to test the NASA VLF boxes to listen for natural radio, but ended up
hearing mostly FM radio, since the radio/tv tower is at tryvann. Weather
forecast for airports was nice, monotone female voice, hopefully a computer
generated voice.

we didnt spot the viper (as some kids had), but maybe the viper spotted us
since it detects infrared radiation.

Martin tried to use the radio tower construction as an antennae, hooking
directly into it, but didnt hear anything exciting except very clear radio.

Evening lecture by Armin Medosch.