Editing Suite

Atelier Nord’s editing suite is a service provided to artists looking to work with moving image, sound or web-based projects over a shorter period of time. The editing suite allows for a professional workflow in a studio-like environment.

Hardware and software has become cheaper and easier to use, but we’ve noticed that there is an increased demand from artists that need a suitable working environment. Laptops may have enabled new and decentralised ways of working, but many artists need to work over multiple large monitors and with advanced audio capabilities.

The room is approximately 7 sq meters and equipped with a 27’ iMac with 5K screen, a secondary 27’ monitor, external soundcard, studio monitors, headphone amp and studio headphones. For the complete list of equipment. We can also offer a wide range of software, including the Adobe Suite, Final Cut and Abelton. . Please note that the room lacks soundproofing, so there are limitations on noise.

The next deadline for the editing will be in October 2019, applicable for September, November and December. Register for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, and we will keep you up-to-date on deadlines.

A typical stay in the editing suite last 1-2 weeks. longer periods are possible by appointment.

Use of the editing suite requires that Atelier Nord and Arts Council Norway are credited in the documentation of work produced during the stay. Short documentation will also be published on Atelier Nords website. Atelier Nord does not provide technical support or training in the use of software. A 500 NOK deposit i repaid at the end of each stay.

Redigeringsrommet er muliggjort med støtte fra: 
kulturetaten, Oslo Kommune