Closed for summer

The summer holiday is just around the corner, and Atelier Nord wishes everyone a pleasant and sun filled break!

We are closed from July 1st until August 5th. E-mail will be read and responded to more sporadically than usual – We are aiming on spending July on the beach or in the park with a bok or good friends.

Below you’ll find a summary of Atelier Nord’s fall and winter programme.

This fall and winter at Atelier Nord

Maren Dagny Juell
Flexible Schedule
Exhibition opening 15.08.19
16.08. – 01.09.19

Flexible Schedule is a coworking inspired VR-installation, on display in Atelier Nord’s office space. read more about the project here.

Christina Kubisch
Exhibition opening 05.09.19
06.09. – 06.10.19

The site-specific sound installation WEAVING is part of Ultima festival and is produced with support from Goethe-Institut Norwegen. Kubisch is a pioneer in sound art, active as an artist since the 1970s.

Anja Malec, Anne Cecilie Lie, Annike Flo, Natalie Seifert Eliassen, Dragongirl, Renate Synnes Handal, Sara Skogøy, Tuva Aanensen og Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir – kuratert av Zane Cerpina.
Exhibition opening 17.10.19
18.10 – 03.11.2019

Symposium 25.10. – 26.10.2019
The symposium programme will be announced this fall.

FAEN – FEMALE ARTISTIC EXPERIMENTS NORWAY is an exhibtion and symposium exploring the history and possible futures of experimental art in Norway from female artists perspective. som In collaboration with PNEK.

Joakim Blattmann
Treverk (13)
Exhibition opening 14.11.19
15.11 – 15.12.19

Treverk (13) is a site specific installation that takes the maple tree in the backyard of Olaf Ryes plass 2 as its point of departure.

Image from Maren Dangy Juells VR installation Flexible Schedule.